Power piracy increasing in Sri Lanka

Jan 14, Colombo: Power and Energy Minister of Sri Lanka Patali Champika Ranawaka says there has been an increase in power piracy.

Ranawaka observes that the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has earned a record profit in the last quarter by carrying out raids on power pirates.

The Minister has said that regulations would be introduced this year giving the CEB the mandate to disconnect the power supply of those involved in power piracy in a manner they could not get connected to the power supply again.

The CEB has earned over Rs. 30 million in September, Rs. 18 million in October and Rs. 23 million in November from raids to capture power pirates.

The CEB has also earned Rs. 121,000 through raids in the month of December.

According to Ranawaka, in order to provide a good public service, the CEB should be void of any corruption and financial irregularities internally and externally.

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