President has a bigger mandate against devolution

I applaude the Minister for being brave and forthright. However, we should work harder to get US support as it was the US decision to correctly identify the LTTE as terrorists and block them that helped Sri Lanka to defeat LTTE.

As for Steves comments that the Tamil and Sinhalese lived together before 1949 for 5000 years, that is not the history I have been taught. Like all invading forces, some Tamil from Tamil invasions from South India also stayed behind in Sri Lanka.


Tamil population in SL is about 12% and with up-country Tamil total about 6%. From the next census the Muslim population will exceed Tamil. More than half of Tamil living abroad or [south] Sri Lanka are with Sinhalese. The best thing Tamil can do is work hard together with sinhalese and stop demanding land and police powers etc.


To say that the south has given a bigger mandate against devolution may further polorize the community along ethnic lines. Southerners’ mandate is for good governance and to usher a just society where all races and religions will be treated equally and could live in real peace.


Well, Mr. Raj, in your dreams you can have a referendum.

Sudan and Sri Lanka are different. If Tamil doesn’t want to stay within Sri Lanka, they can always go to Tamil Nadu, where they are welcome.

The Sri Lankan Government is not going to dance to the TNA tunes. SL belongs to all kinds of people including minorities, as long as they are willing to live in peace and harmony and it is a sovereign country.

Dayani Perera

A mandate for peace and not hatread
It is up to the GOSL and the Sinhalese citizens of Sri Lanka to spearhead the path to Reconciliation. Let them speak with true Meththa in their Hearts, to the people of the North and East, who only hear what Tamil Politicians tell them.

Senior citizen

The stakes in the election in the NE were set by the govt and made plain by the effort taken by the govt to win with the President himself personally campaigning for votes. The TNA too spelt it out that it was not for “deciding where a tap is to be fixed or where a community well is to positioned” . That is why the voters came out to vote.

Velu Balendran

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