Prez polls in late 2014!


Media reports citing that the next presidential polls would be held on Jan. 30, 2015 is a news planted with the acknowledgment of the Presidential Secretariat, internal sources of the government say.

The news was created under the directive of the President to mislead the opposition, sources add.

Instead of planting it through state media, the news was publicized through media streams that appeared independent in order to make it more reliable, sources further say.

However, considering advise of his close astrologers and intelligence reports, the President has already planned to go for Presidential elections around September 2014, sources say.

Intelligence services have emphasised that a presidential election should be held, leaving no room for the opposition to ally as a single body as well as not allowing ministers unhappy with the government to rally.

Though the Presidential polls originally falls on 2016, close officials and ministers have mentioned that it is extremely risky to put off the polls until then in consideration of local and international influences that could be leveled in the future.

Despite the prevailing situation, the government should solve prevailing constitutional issues if they intend to hold the presidential election before Nov. 17, 2014 as a presidential election cannot be held again until four years have elapsed since the election of a president.

As the 18th Amendment makes no mention of this, actions will have to be taken according to preceding laws. Sources further say that the President is to consult the Supreme Court on this regard soon.

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