Pro government organization of Sri Lanka to rise against Indian pressure and power devolution

May 22, Colombo: Patriotic National Movement (PNM), a pro-government organization in Sri Lanka, is planning to hold a series of protests country wide against the Indian pressure to seek a permanent political solution for the ethnic problem of the country through power devolution, sources close to PNM say.

PNM led by arch Sinhala nationalist Gunadasa Amarasekara is now organizing the first of the campaigns to be held in Colombo on May 30, sources say.

PNM is a popular front of government coalition party National Freedom Front (NFF) led by Minister of Housing Wimal Weerawansa.

The movement, that categorically opposes power devolution and insists on strengthening the central governance is expected to extend its protests against the ongoing dialogue with the major Tamil party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to establish regional mechanisms with wide power devolution, party sources say.

The PNM says one of its primary aims is to resist any attempts to divide the country in the name of devolution of power.

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