Repealing the 13th amendment & listening to the Patriotic Nationalists

By Shenali Waduge
Cont. from yesterday.

Support is always given with a price tag and these support promises do not come cheap and will always seek to drain the nation of its resources or even compromise its sovereign status. Currently threats of being taken to the International Criminal Court are meant to have the Sri Lankan Government agree to western gameplans.

US NATO troops have killed thousands of civilians. As of March 2011, 4,441 Americans have died in Iraq as have as many as 150,000 civilians, and another 4.5 million civilians have been displaced. In Afghanistan, 1,513 Americans have died and, as many as 8,000 Afghan civilians have been killed and another 3.7 million refugees are internally displaced or living in neighboring countries. U.S. is spending $100 million per day in Libya. A no-flight zone over the northern part of Libya could cost $400 million to $800 million for the initial strikes. It had also projected costs of $30 million to $100 million a week to patrol the area. Just one Tomahawk missile costs $1.4 million. More than 178 Tomahawk missiles were fired, worth $250 million.  Could the US, NATO and the UK not think of anything else to do with people’s money?

Sri Lanka has practically re-housed all of the displaced, rehabilitating and released even hard-core LTTE fighters. Can the US, UK, NATO or even the Indians boast of anything near such achievements? 

We are made to believe that the common enemy is China. Given that India is well aware that tomorrow’s power houses economically are China and Russia, it would be impractical to think India would throw in their lot with US which is bankrupt on paper.

What President Rajapaksa needs to do now is to immediately hold a referendum to ask his people what they desire. This is a perfect means to repeal the 13th amendment and be rid of these foreign interferences forever.  

True, India may need to appease the Tamil Nadu vote base and its corrupt politicians but India needs to know India needs to be reminded that Sri Lanka is not a part of India. 

India’s ruling elite are the Brahmin North Indians hence; there is a difference in treatment offered to the South Indians. Both know the reality of this statement. Similarly, the Tamils in Sri Lanka are more divided than united. How many Jaffna Tamils would today even serve tea in the same tea cups they use to low caste Tamils? How many Jaffna Tamils would today allow their children to marry Eastern Tamils or up-country Tamils? With such divides amongst them how can they ever live in an Eelam had it ever been created? Then there is the “discrimination” tag. How many Tamils openly say they would sell their houses only to Tamils? Eelam was only to hoodwink separatist tendencies away from India while in Sri Lanka the Eelam struggle was merely to allow Prabakaran and his merry men to defeat the class struggle amongst their own people and for the Tamil Diaspora to become richer by playing upon the sympathy tag and collecting funds that went primarily into their bank accounts and for their luxurious living. 

If over 90% of the 20 million population can speak and understand Sinhala why does the country need to be divided along regional languages? If there are Tamils amongst us who feel that Tamils are denied its right to a homeland they are advised to look at Tamil Nadu as the rightful place for that homeland. 97% of the world’s Tamil populace lives in Tamil Nadu. If Tamils feel India will help carve Eelam in Sri Lanka, Tamils must look at history and question why India crushed the “We Tamil Movement” and quickly brought in legislature to stop any person or party from seeking to separate from India. Tamils are encouraged to go through countless attempts made by Tamil Nadu upon the North Indian regime to give due prominence to Tamil language and Tamil history which have been totally ignored. Tamils cannot forget that the orange featured on Sri Lanka’s national flag depicts Tamil ethnicity as does Green for Muslims. Where has such provisions been given for just 2.4million people, where the Sinhalese number 14.8 million?

We can empathize with some Tamils who used LTTE terrorism as a means to go as refugees and help their families back home. Those who used the tag of ethnic discrimination to fill these embassy forms will have their conscience tell the actual truth. Many of these people themselves lived in fear of the LTTE and had to fill the LTTE kitty. We know the majority of them were not part of the LTTE though they remained silent because they were indirectly benefiting from the existence of the LTTE. We again can empathize with this. We know that most Jaffna Tamils hated the LTTE for their own sense of pride in their families had to be compromised and they had to bow down to low caste LTTE dictates. We again can understand this. However, there is no LTTE now. We can forget about the utopian transnational government trying to befool the Tamil people again. 

The present is an important juncture for the Tamils. They must decide to at least now make amends for the injustice done to the nation. Tamils must stop hiding behind Eelam, India, Transnational Government or any other attempts to break up Sri Lanka. They must now sincerely decide to function as Sri Lankans going forward and those that do not wish to, the Government can through discussions with India decide to offer citizenship in India if they feel India is a better home. 

Many injustices have taken place and the voice of Sri Lanka now insists that these wrongs be made right and the first step must be taken by a Government that has been given the majority by the people to make the changes needed. The Government is thus bound to act and repeal the 13th amendment.

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