Sacred Buddhist Relics from Taxila Pakistan exhibited in Ampara

June 13, Colombo: The Most Sacred Relics of Lord Buddha from Pakistan will be exhibited in Mangalagiri Rajamaha Viharaya, Ampara, for two days from June 14-15, 2016, Pakistan High Commission in Colombo said in a statement.

The sacred relics include two holy bone relics of the Buddha, a golden casket containing the relics and a stone reliquary in stupa shape. These holy relics are part of collection from Taxila Museum of Pakistan, which is located at one of the most important archaeological sites in Asia.


The land of Gandhara where the celebrated faith evolved is more or less a triangle about 100 kilometers across east to west and 70 kilometers from north to south, on the west of the Indus River in Pakistan. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains and covers the vast areas of today’s Peshawar valley, the hilly tracts of Swat (Udyana), Buner and the Taxila valley.

The name ‘Gandhara’ is found for the first time in the Rig-Veda, the sacred ancient hymns of the Hindus. The name also appears in some Persian inscriptions, particularly in the Behistun inscription (528-486 B.C) and in the inscription discovered from the ruins of the Susa Palace in Persia (An archeological site belonging to 6th century B.C).

The Ghandara trail, having its capital and cultural hub at the present day Taxilla, was part of the silk route and many Buddhist pilgrims from different countries used to visit these sites on this historical route.

The Sri Lankan public is invited to come and pay their respects and homage to the most holy relics.

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