Sacred hair relic of the Buddha in public exposition in Sri Lanka

Apr 21, Colombo: The sacred hair relic of Lord Buddha has been enshrined at Hunupitiya Gangarama Viharaya in Colombo, The holy relic was brought from Bangladesh by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his return from the official tour of Bangladesh

The hair relic is now open for public view and Buddhist devotees are gathering there to get the glimpse of the holy hiar of  their Lord, sources say.

A group of representatives of the Chittagong Buddhist Association presented these relics to the President on his visit to Bangladesh. The relics were offered to the Gangarama Viharaya this evening by President’s son Yoshitha Rajapaksa. State radio, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, reported that it is under the custody of the President and his three children.

The relics are to be taken to Kalutara Bodhiya, about 25 miles south of Colombo for worship during the Vesak period, that falls on May 17 and 18, coinciding with the 2600th anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

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