Several districts in Sri Lanka affected by floods

Apr 29, Colombo: Sri Lanka Disaster Management Center has said that several districts in the country have experienced floods due to heavy rains.

The DMC says that the districts of Ratnapura, Kalutara, Galle, and Hambantota have experienced floods due to heavy rains.

The Ratnapura District is currently the worst affected area by the rains in the country as water level of the Kalu Ganga has risen inundating several roads. Roads from Kiriella to Ratnapura, Ayagama, Ellagawa and Ketepola have become impassable, the state-run radio reported.

Authorities have opened the sluice gates of Kukule Ganga reservoir and low-lying areas in Bulathsinhala, Deeyakaduwa, Molkawa, Paragoda and Kudaligama have been flooded as a result.

The Ratnapura Disaster Management Centre has deployed boats to provide transport facilities for the public in trapped areas.

The floods have even resulted in the closure of several schools in the district today.

One person has died due to a weather-related incident and another person in Elpatha division is presumably drowned.

The Gin Ganga in Hambanthota district has started to overflow and authorities are in the process of evacuating people living in low-lying areas.

Hambantota Disaster Management Centre has asked the people living near the Muruthawela reservoir to be vigilant of flooding as all the flood gates of the reservoir have been opened.

Meanwhile, the water levels in many reservoirs in the catchment areas have also reached spill level. However, the authorities expect the water levels to decline as the rains are diminishing.

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