She is no more – Yet continues to be

The Rose that lived with thorns
Has withered
But not before being pierced through
Leaving behind the fragrance of her life so sweet
For us to remember…..

How good she has been;

How she used her goodness
To make others happy and gay.

I have seen her in tears
But she never became the cause
For any others’ tears.

The depth of her suffering
We shall never know.

I could hear her faint voice
“………My life is spent with sorrow
And my years with sighing
My strength fails because of my misery
And my bones waste away.”

How unfortunate we are.

We could not repay her smile
Which she shared with us so abundantly.

Now she has gone to eternity
(Although it is too early)

That is her reward for believing in God.

Her life- suffering and relief at the end
Should be just enough for others
To change their ways-behaviour.

(In remembrance of Kalzumi, a friend so dear, so   loving, so kind So generous…



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