Smart man’s Avurudu Vs. extended April fool’s day

11 Apr 2011

Sinhala and Tamil New Year time is always enjoyable time. It is break for everyone from hustle and bustle of life. But for cunning business mafia it is just another opportunity to exploit you. Now the true spirit of New Year has swallowed by these money hungry business elements.

Businessmen’s Avurudu
For common people, the New Year is on 13 or 14th of April. The media starts screaming Avurudu even as early as middle of March. They are not interested in Avurudu itself but selling (marketing) Avurudu back to you!!!

When the Avurudu day is finally reached, your ears are already over filled with business men’s Avurudu of mass media. Avurudu is all about freshness and new beginning. Alas this cunning business mafia has already spoiled Avurudu into an ordinary event.

Foolish greetings of ‘New Year’ on ‘Old Year
We all know that April 13th is considered as Parana Avurudu Day (Old Year Day) which we use to clean up and preparing for the New Year day. But we are living in crazy competitive society that no one is patient enough to wait till Avurudu arrivel to wish others “Happy New Year”. These jokers wish for Avurudu even as early as 10th or 11th of April because they want to wish you before others due to completion of life. It all shows the pathetic situation of capitalist society itself.

Artificial Avurudu
Avrudu is Sri Lankan cultural event. Avurudu is for our traditions, our food and our colure. However multinational and some ant-national (some of them pretend to be national) business mafia has turned Avurudu into Western culture because all their products and services can shine under westernized mind set of the consumer. From cake to meat balls, from Coca Cola to Chocolate has invaded our Avurudu festival.

It is no longer the freshness of Milk rice or taste of Kaun, but chemically preserved cakes to artificial carbonated drinks dominating fool man’s Avurudu. Some of these cakes are so filled with chemicals that they taste like piece of chemical than a food item. No wonder they have to add so much of chemicals because most of these food items have expiry period in months!! Consuming and gifting this type of artificially preserved cake and other food items is asking for cancer and other related deceases in the Avurudu table.

Avurudu of myths
It is a tragedy that Hindu astrology has dominated Sinhala new year which is celebrated by majority of Buddhists.These cunning people who make living out of mythology becomes heroes and commanders during Avurudu period. It is time to shed this mythical mental tail from celebration of Avurudu festival.

Let’s celebrate Avurudu, but not fooled by vicious business mafia or cunning astrologers.

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