Sri Jayewardenepura University of Sri Lanka closed due to student unrest reopens today

Jan 23, Colombo: Sri Jayewardenepura University of Sri Lanka will recommence its academic activities today for the students of the faculties closed due to student protests.

Academic activities of the Faculties of Applied Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and Mid-term Examinations of Management Studies and Commerce will recommence on 23rd January 2012, the University announced.

Student protests led the University authorities to close all faculties except for the Faculty of Medicine on January 08 and cancel classes.

The students have staged a Satyagraha demanding the removal of the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. N.A. L. Karunaratne and the police personnel from the campus.

Following a special discussion held with the Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake yesterday, the Administrative Council of Sri Jayewardenepura University has taken the decision to reopen the University for the students.

Meanwhile university authorities of Rajarata University have decided to re-open the Saliyapura Medical Faculty, which was closed temporarily on January 8 due to student protests, today.

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