Sri Lanka: Agri Genesis launches ‘GrainPro Portable Granary’

Sri Lanka’s Agri Genesis Lanka Pvt Ltd recently announced the launch of the ‘GrainPro Portable Granary’, a reliable and quick-to-setup hermetic storage system which addresses the multiple issues of Sri Lanka’s agricultural storage problems and its attendant woes.

The ‘GrainPro Portable Granary’ or GrainPro Cocoon is ideal way to store all types of grains, seeds including paddy, corn, wheat and even herbs, spices, beans, lentils, coffee, cocoa, dried fruits, flour, nuts etc. Its hermetic storage preserves the germination potential of seeds for many months. These GrainPro Cocoons are made of heavy duty, all-weather resistant and reinforced PVC, and, are resistant to gas, moisture, water and UV. They come in different sizes to suit varying needs from 01 metric ton to 1000 metric tons. Added to these are also the one ton Grain Safe and the smaller Super Grain Bags.

General Manager of Agri Genesis Lanka Pvt Ltd., Samud Gunesekara said that “Sri Lanka produces around 2.6 million Metric Tons (MT) of paddy during the Maha season and 1.7 million Metric Tons during the Yala season. These amounts to an annual 4.3 million MT. Records indicate that around 15% to 20 % of paddy perishes annually due to poor storage facilities. Due to the current weather conditions and recent flood damage, post-harvest losses in paddy have increased dramatically. With its different sizes and storing options, the totally hermetic GrainPro Portable Granary is undoubtedly the ideal solution to Sri Lanka’s paddy storage problems and thereby ensures food security”.

GrainPro’s patented hermetic technology allows organic storage of dry agricultural commodities and is totally in tandem with the environment with its green technology. It consists of a rodent-resistant design, causes death of insects through oxygen deprivation, and inhibits growth of microorganisms.

Commodities can be stored for prolonged periods without the use of chemicals and refrigeration. The result is that the aroma, color and freshness are preserved, rancidity is prevented and fungi are controlled without the use of harmful fumigants and other chemicals.

Manufactured by the Philippines based GrainPro Inc., this portable granary has been successfully tested and used in many parts of the world including Latin America, the Philippines, India and China. The Sri Lanka Paddy Marketing Board has already conducted a very successful test run in Aralaganwila, Polonnaruwa.

Director General of the International Rice Research Institute Robert S. Zeigler said, “We have been studying and disseminating hermetic storage technology for paddy for almost a decade. We found that this technology contributes to the preservation of the rice seed’s germination and adds to a better milling recovery.

It is therefore our recommendation that hermetic storage would be a viable solution for the rapid and safe storage of the bumper harvests expected due to additional extents coming from rice production in the post-war areas in Sri Lanka”.

“The GrainPro Portable Granary is ideally geared to Sri Lanka’s paddy growing areas more especially since it is very cost effective. It brings greater profitability when compared to the traditional solid warehouses. Furthermore its portability means that paddy can be stored anywhere and at anytime without much hassle. This portable granary will undoubtedly lead to less post-harvest losses and facilitate greater food security – the building up of safe and secure buffer stocks in time to come”, General Manager of Agri Genesis Lanka Pvt Ltd., Samud Gunesekara concluded.

– Asian Tribune –

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