Sri Lanka approves National Action Plan for human rights

Sept 14, Colombo: The Sri Lankan Cabinet of Ministers has approved the new National Action Plan for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights put forward by the Special Envoy for Human Rights, Plantation Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe.

The Plan was prepared in response to a pledge made by the Government at its Universal Periodic Review before UN Human Rights Council in 2008.

According to the government, the action plan had begun with a review of the human rights situation in the country, which involved a desk review of several key documents including the Universal Periodic Review report on Sri Lanka, recommendations of treaty bodies under various UN human right conventions and recommendations of Special Procedures Mechanism.

The plan has identified priority areas of civil and political Right, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Torture, Rights of Children, Labour Rights, Rights of Migrant Workers, Rights of Internally displaced persons in addition to rights already protected through the Constitution of the country.

The government said key performance indicators and a specific time frame within which each activity should be implemented has been earmarked and an Inter-Ministerial Committee will be appointed to monitor the implementation of the Action Plan.

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