Sri Lanka Army denies presence of paramilitaries in the North

July 09, Colombo: The Sri Lankan Army denied the presence of paramilitaries in the Northern Jaffna peninsula, as some political parties alleged.

Commanding Officer of the Sri Lanka Army in Jaffna, Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe vehemently denied the presence of any paramilitary groups in Jaffna saying that there are no paramilitary groups in the North.

The Army Officer has made these comments in response to allegations made by certain parties of the presence of paramilitary groups in the North, especially during the Local Government election period in Jaffna.

He has said that the paramilitary groups that earlier operated in the North have been disarmed.

“The Defence Ministry has issued strict instructions that paramilitary groups should not be allowed to operate in the North,” he has said.

Major General Hathurusinghe has noted that only armed forces personnel and police are allowed to carry arms in the North.

“There may be inter party clashes and clashes among political parties, but there are no paramilitary groups,” Major General Hathurusinghe has clarified.

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