Sri Lanka Buddhist monks’ group calls for amending legal system to stop animal sacrifices

Sept 16, Colombo: A group of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka has called for amendments to the country’s legal system in order to stop animal sacrifices as religious rituals.

Advisor of the National Bhikku Front (NBF) Ven. Hedigalle Wimalasara Thera has said amending the legal system to overcome the loopholes that enable animal sacrifices is the answer to the problem instead of creating scenes.

He has said the legislation that was presented to parliament banning animal sacrifices has not yet been passed.

Animal sacrifices could currently be stopped only through a court order or a gazette notification.

The NBF has said it has planned several measures to stop animal sacrifices for religious rituals.

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva led a protest march on Tuesday against the animal sacrifice ritual at the Munneswaram Temple in Chilaw forcing the organizers to abandon the ritual where about 700 goats were to be slaughtered.

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