Sri Lanka Computer Emergency and Readiness Team rejects ‘DNS poisoning’ claim

Sept 01, Colombo: Sri Lanka Computer Emergency and Readiness Team (SLERT) chief engineer Rohana Palliyaguru says there is no information to indicate that an anonymous Sri Lankan group has hacked into the DNS servers of several large international and local organizations.

SLERT further stated that they had received no complaints. SLERT chief said that it could be an attempt to get publicity.

Media reports said a group of hackers introduced themselves as ‘Sri Lanka members of Anonymous’ claimed that they have hacked into the DNS servers of Symantec, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and several other large organizations over the past few days and also several groups and agencies in Sri Lanka, including the parliament, military, and largest telecom provider, Sri Lanka Telecom.

Representatives of several major companies including Microsoft, Skype and Symantec have told media that no evidence of any DNS attacks that threaten the customer operations has been observed.

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