Sri Lanka Defence Secretary to eliminate drug menace similar to terrorism

Oct 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has determined to rid the country of the illegal drugs problem as the 30-year long terrorism was eliminated from the country.

In an interview with state-run television, ITN, the Defence Secretary has said that the security sectors of the country are prepared to face the challenge of eliminating the illegal drugs, narcotics and illegal weapons from the society.

Rajapaksa has pointed out that the law enforcement officials have launched several operations to nab many underworld gang members and also seize their weapons. The country’s security forces including Army and Navy have been involved in these operations, especially seizing narcotics, he has added.

The Defence Secretary has said that even the specially trained troops had been deployed for these operations.

The official has assured that as terrorism was wiped out from the country, they would eliminate the underworld and also wipe out the drug menace and expressed confidence that the forces would succeed.

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