Sri Lanka External Affairs Minister calls to unite against all forces hostile to the country

June 08, Colombo: External Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka Prof. G.L. Peiris today asked everyone to put aside political affiliations and sectarian loyalties and stand against hostile forces who are attempting to launch an onslaught against the country.

Peiris told parliament that the government has spent time and effort to inform the international community about the efforts and actions taken since the end of the war.

According to him, there is widespread understanding and support for Sri Lanka among the international community.

“While the thrust and parry of party politics is an essential feature of representative democracy, there is the overreaching need to recognize that, in mattersthat concern the dignity and security of our country, all must unite in solidarity to ward of this danger,” Prof. Peiris said in his speech during the debate on the extension of emergency regulations.

Meanwhile Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalitha on Wednesday demanded that Indian government impose economic sanctions against Sri Lanka, for alleged genocide against Tamils in that nation. Earlier she called on the Indian government to bring Sri Lankan President before an international war crime tribunal.

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