Sri Lanka fishermen take to the streets against fuel price hike

Feb 13, Colombo: Fishermen in Sri Lanka’s North Western coastal belt took to the streets today to protest against the government’s move to increase fuel prices.

Fishermen along the coastal line between Negombo and Mannar have refrained from going to sea and instead took to the streets in protest campaigns.

The Colombo-Chilaw main road was blocked causing a massive traffic jam due to the protests.

Reportedly around 50,000 multi-day, single-day and small time fishermen have not gone out to sea today.

The government on Sunday increased diesel prices by 37 percent to Rs. 115 for a liter petrol prices by 9 percent and kerosene by 49.5 per cent.

However, the government granted concessions to public transport sector, fishing industry, school transport services, three wheelers and other common transport services.

A spokesperson for the Fisheries Associations, Herman Kumara has said the fishermen may continue the protest campaign if the government does to not subsidize the fuel.

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