Sri Lanka government increases pensions of retired public employees

June 11, Colombo: Sri Lanka government announced that the pensions of the retired public servants would be increased by Rs. 750 from July 01.

Accordingly, the pensioners who retired before January 01, 2004 will get an increase of Rs. 750 while those who retired between that day and the December 31 of 2005 will have an increase of Rs. 250, reported the state-owned Sinhala daily The Dinamina.

All pensioners except those who get a charity allowance, the recipients of joint pensions, Joint pensioners and recipients of pensions from Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund will also be eligible to receive the raise as envisaged in the 2011 budget proposals.

Those who retired after January 1, 2006, their widows and orphans and expatriate pensioners will not be eligible for this increase.

The Pensions Department requests the pensioners to submit the completed salary revision application forms to the divisional secretaries.

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