* Sri Lanka government introduces new measures to promote agriculture

May 29, Colombo: Sri Lanka government says that new concessions and incentives aiming at promoting cultivations and farming have been introduced throughout the country.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Assistant Governor W.M. Karunarathne says that loan schemes have been introduced for 35 crops through state banks at a concessionary interest rate of six percent.

Farmers who are engaged in dairy industry are also able to borrow soft loans up to Rs. 400,000, the official said.

The National Fertilizer Secretariat Director of the Secretariat Ranjith Dharmawardana says that the secretariat, aiming to increase the productivity has taken measures to issue fertilizer in one, five, ten, and twenty-five kilogram packs, also at subsidized rates for the convenience of the small scale farmers.

The official said that the secretariat has also focused on the quality of fertilizer while extending the subsidy to more farmers.

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