Sri Lanka government MP publicly admits he slapped opposition MP

Dec 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka ruling party MP for Puttalam district Arundika Fernando has told local ‘The Divaina’ newspaper that he assaulted opposition MP Palitha Range Bandara because he criticized the President wrongly.

MP Fernando has publicly said that he slapped the opposition MP several times since he had not heeded to the protest of the government MPs during his speech in the debate on the expenditure heading of the Ministry of Defense.

Reporters covering the debate have reportedly observed MP Fernando assaulting Range Bandara at the opposition lobby as he exited the House following his speech.

Some other government and opposition MPs also got involved in preventing the brawl.

MP Range Bandara says that he will complain about the assault to the Speaker and the police today.

Chief Opposition Whip John Amaratunga has expressed concern that such incidents pose a serious threat to opposition legislators.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker, Chandima Weerakkody has said that an independent inquiry will be conducted on the assault on MP Range Bandara.

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