Sri Lanka hosts international tea meeting

The 20th Session of Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Inter-Governmental Group on Tea will meet in Colombo from January 30 to February 01, a statement from the Sri Lanka Tea Board said.

“Today, there is political uncertainty in some of our key markets and added to this is the global financial crisis which will affect any industry whose main focus is export,” said Janaki Kuruppu, chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

“Being the host of the foremost technical sessions on the tea industry at this crucial time gives the Sri Lankan experts an ideal opportunity to share our knowledge as well as learn from other leading tea industries in the world,â€� she said.

“It is a very crucial time that we are holding the FAO IGG 20th session in Colombo, a period where the industry is facing many challenges,” Hasitha De Alwis, Promotions Director of the Sri Lanka Tea Board said.

“Sri Lanka is a high cost, high quality producer therefore we are changing our strategy from production based model to a more market based model this will allow us to create more visibility on our strategies.â€�

Delegates from over 25 countries will participate in this year’s FAO/IGG sessions.

Some of the countries include India, China, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Africa, Argentina representing tea producing countries.

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