Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission to speed up investigation of human rights violation complaints

p May 28, Colombo: The Human Rights Commission (HRC) of Sri Lanka is to expedite the investigations into the many complaints it has received on alleged human rights violations.

A five-member panel of retired judges is to be appointed by the HRC to investigate allegations of human rights violations and complaints on torture.

HRC Head Justice Priyantha Perera has said the panel would include retired judges from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal among other courts in the country. The aim of the panel is to expedite the investigation process.

Perera has told the media that the panel is to commence shortly after the selection of panel members is finalized.

According to the HRC Chairman, the Commission has received a large number of complaints on alleged human rights violations from all parts of the country.

Perera has said that special attention would be paid to the complaints lodged in the Northern and Eastern region of the country.

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