Sri Lanka industrial productivity up 10.9-pct in 2010

Analysts say farmers in India and Pakistan are able to produce better quality food at much lower prices than Sri Lanka’s farmers.

“There is further room to increase the productivity in the Agriculture sector through use
of improved seed varieties, new technologies and innovations, and mechanisation, which could be promoted through farmer awareness by way of an effective extension service,” the Central Banks said in its 2010 annual report.

“In addition, increasing value addition by promoting agro-based processing industries, improving awareness on proper usage of fertilizer, rehabilitation of irrigation networks, and infrastructure facilities would also help increase the productivity in the Agriculture sector.”

The services sector showed the smallest improvement in productivity at 4.6 percent. Most of the government, rulers and state workers are in the services sector. There was no separate breakdown of the productivity of government.

GDP in government services is measured in terms of salaries as there is no measurable output in some state services. Last year however wages were restrained and total state workers fell slightly.

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