* Sri Lanka launches second phase of "Divi Neguma" domestic agriculture …

Oct 27, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government today launched the second phase of the “Divi Neguma” domestic agriculture program that is to establish 2.1 million economic units that promote domestic agriculture projects to make island wide households self-sufficient.

The Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa was to launch the programme this morning from the Obawatte village in the Biyagama Divisional Secretariat Division.

Under the second phase 150 families in each Grama Niladari division were selected as participants of the programme. Each family was given five varieties of vegetable seeds free of charge yesterday and the planting will be carried out at an auspicious time this morning throughout the country, the government media said.

According to Minister Rajapaksa the first phase of the programme launched in March this year under the theme “A Self Reliant Household -A wonderful Motherland” targeting one million families was a huge success. The programme focused on agriculture, industry, fishery and animal husbandry throughout the country.

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