Sri Lanka major Tamil party seeks a political solution within the framework of united and undivided country

July 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the party is working at building a political solution within the framework of a united and undivided country.

According to the TNA, such a political solution would enable Tamil people to live in security and dignity, fulfilling their legitimate political, economic, social and cultural aspirations.

Issuing a statement, the TNA has said that the party’s campaign for the local government elections is focused on three main issues.

The three issues are the resettlement and rehabilitation of all displaced Tamil families in the North and East; call for action by the government on lands possessed by Tamil people being used for military purposes, for purported development purposes and a political solution within the framework of a united and undivided country.

The TNA has said that although the party has not confronted the Government on these issues, it has endeavoured to work in a spirit of cooperation with the Government to alleviate the sufferings and concerns of the Tamil people and to bring about a real and meaningful change in the future of the Tamil people.

However, the party has further stated that the government in its current election campaign does not focus on the above issues, which are the real issues the Tamil people have to face.

This is for the reason that the Government itself is aware that its performance on these issues is severely wanting, despite the best efforts of the TNA. The government has not even kept its several commitments to the TNA on the release of Tamil detainees, and thousands of Tamil families continue to suffer as a result of the breadwinner in the family not being available. These families are not even able to ascertain whether the breadwinner in their family is living or not, the TNA has stated.

According to the Tamil political party, it is in this background that the government is making every endeavour to somehow distort the electoral verdict of Tamil voter.

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