Sri Lanka Marxist party dissidents accuse government of unleashing state terrorism

Jan 19, Colombo: An organization called The Collective Against Disappearances and Abductions formed by the dissidents of Sri Lanka’s Marxist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) says the government has unleashed state terrorism to suppress the people in the North and South.

The dissidents’ Movement for People’s Struggle organized a leaflet distribution campaign and a demonstration to be held in the North on Tuesday (17) under the Collective Against Disappearances and Abductions banner.

Coordinator of the Movement for People’s Struggle, Duminda Nagamuwa told the media that when there was a need for politics on national unity, the government was spreading communalism both in the North and South.

He said the government used the Army and Police to obstruct the leaflet distribution campaign in Jaffna and Kilinochchi.

He noted that it was a violation of their human rights and that the government was heading in a dangerous path.

Nagamuwa said the campaigners traveled in 12 buses and were first stopped by the army and police officers in Punnawa, four kilometers before Vavuniya and were informed that they could not proceed further as a bridge on the road had exploded.

“Some of the reasons given by the security forces personnel were in fact humorous to listen to since everyone knew they were lies,” he observed.

When the campaigners had questioned the security forces personnel on how other vehicles were passing them, they had said the persons in the busses could be allowed to pass if they had received approval.

Nagamuwa said that after they were searched for over an hour at Joseph Camp and the Vavuniya Police Headquarters, the buses were stopped again and searched for three hours at Thaandikulam in Vavuniya.

“The security personnel then said that bombs were found in a coconut lorry and that a suicide kit has also been found and therefore could not allow us to proceed since it would be a threat to our lives,” Nagamuwa claimed.

According to Nagamuwa, another vehicle of the Movement had traveled to Jaffna and back on the same road without facing any obstacles.

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