Sri Lanka Opposition Leader asks government to take action to prevent war crimes allegations against the country

June 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Opposition and United National Party (UNP) Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe has called on the government to take action to prevent war crimes allegations being levelled against the country.

Wickremasinghe has told a public meeting that the failure of the government to disprove allegations of war crimes levelled against the country would have severe repercussions on the general public.

He has said that it would also bring discredit to the war heroes.

Wickremasinghe has observed that if the government does not act fast, some foreign countries could take certain actions that could even affect Sri Lankan students travelling overseas for their education and tourist arrivals to the country.

An Expert Panel appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General has recently concluded that there is credible evidence for war crime charges against the Sri Lankan government.

A report by the Panel said both the government and the Tamil Tiger terrorists committed war crimes during the final phase of the war that ended in in May 2009.

A documentary on Sri Lanka’s war aired by the British television station Channel 4 last week showed video footage of alleged war crimes by the government.

Following the Channel 4 broadcast, Britain warned the Sri Lankan government to take prompt action to investigate the war crime allegations and if not it will use every available mechanism to press for an international intervention.

The Sri Lankan government has rejected both reports saying that the war crime allegations are fabricated by interested parties backed by the pro-rebel elements to discredit the government and hamper the reconciliation efforts.

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