Sri Lanka Police launch special investigation into death of cadet officer

June 12, Dambulla: The Sri Lanka Police have launched a special investigation in to the death of a Commanding Officer of the 13th National Cadet Corps in Dambulla.

Lieutenant Colonel M.D.H. Lenadora had been found with injuries to his head by villagers in the area and had succumbed to his injuries upon admission to the Dambulla Hospital.

The police suspect Lenadora was a victim of a hit and run accident last night.

Lieutenant Colonel Lenadora, who had been an instructor of the recently concluded leadership training programme for new entrants to universities at the Rantambe camp, had been returning home after attending the passing out ceremony of the university students of the programme when he had met with the accident.

According to the Dambulla Police, Lenadora was found on the road just three kilometers away from his house and several pieces of glass had also been found near him.

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