Sri Lanka Police to use maximum restraint to control demonstrations

Feb 22, Colombo: The Sri Lanka Police say measures are being taken to use maximum restraint in future to control demonstrations.

Deputy Inspector General of Police for Colombo, Anura Senanayake has told the media that the police first warn verbally to demonstrators not to march towards high security zones.

He has said that water cannons and tear gas are used only if the demonstrators ignore the warnings.

The DIG has explained that tear gas had to be fired at the main opposition United National Party (UNP) protest last week when the demonstrators tried to march towards the President’s House and pelleted stones at the police when police set up barricades.

In the case of the Marxist JVP protest march the previous day, Senanayake has said, the demonstrators had tried to march into an area where there was a pro-government demonstration taking place and there was a possibility for a confrontation.

Therefore, he has observed that the police would maintain maximum restraint in controlling demonstration in future.

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