Sri Lanka President appeals to all parties to participate in PSC to solve the national problem

Feb 04, Anuradhapura: Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa today appealed all political parties to join the democratic process to find a solution to the national problem as it is their duty and since the parliament is representing people including all parties, ethnic communities, religions is the supreme democratic institution, the mechanism for solving the National Question is the Parliamentary Select Committee.

Addressing the nation at the 64th National Independence Day celebrations in Anuradhapura this morning, the President said that it is the duty of all parties in the country to solve problems according to the people’s wishes by participating in the Parliamentary Select Committee rather than relying on imported solutions and utilizing foreign influences.

President Rajapaksa reminded that the government protects the right to form a government only through democratic means and said that his government is dedicated to democracy, rule of law, independence of judiciary, and good governance.

“We are engaged in the task of creating a stable peace and national unity after liberating the country from terrorism. This is not a task confined to one individual or a party,” he told the audience.

He explained that solutions to national problems cannot be obtained by implementing the proposals of extremist groups and the country needs formulation of policies based on a vision that is commonly applicable to the whole country.

“Ethnic communities have no separate regions. The entire country belongs to all ethnic communities,” he said.

President Rajapaksa said Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission has held everyone responsible for the national problem and the government has already started implementing the recommendations made by the Commission.

He said the freedom is an immense responsibility for the government today.

During the war previous governments could blame everything on the war and escape but now the people expect much more from this government, he noted.

People, who requested a bunker for the village and a rifle to defend lives during the war, expect not only electricity, water, housing, highways, higher education but also a law abiding, clean and a modern Sri Lanka, the President pointed out.

He said the country still has a long way to go although much development has taken place after the war ended.

The President pointed out that the economic crises in the world also affect the country and although the country is self-sufficient in food and can avert the food crises, it is still facing problems due to the globally rising gas and oil prices and asked the public to be prepared.

“It is important to be aware of the reality. In face of all these we should be prepared to demonstrate our strength and courage to the world,” he said.

“We would be able to exist as an independent, sovereign state only if we strengthen our economy,” he said urging the country to get together and work just as “we got together and worked with dedication to defeat terrorism.”

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