Sri Lanka President to declare open the telecommunication tower in former rebel held territory on June 06

May 29, Colombo: The Director General of the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Anusha Palpita said President Mahinda Rajapaksa will declare open the newly built multipurpose communication tower at Kokawil of Mullaitivu District in the Northern Province on June 06.

Telecommunication Regulatory Commission spent Rs. 330 million for the 175 meter tall tower that is considered the tallest in South Asia.

The tower, which is Sri Lanka’s first ever multi-channel broadcasting tower, will be allocated for the providers of services of high speed internet, radio, television, and telecommunications transmissions, as well as military communication operations.

The LTTE rebels captured the original tower and used to broadcast their clandestine transmissions before blowing it up in 2009 when Sri Lankan troops were approaching.

Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission expects to provide space for state and private media and telecommunication channels transmission through this tower.

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