Sri Lanka President to vest in land ownership to landless people

Apr 05, Colombo: Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa will hand over the deeds of lands to 5,000 landless families today at the Temple Trees.

The deeds named as ‘Ran Bima Oppu’ are a type of deeds to vest in the ownership of the state land to people living in government land for several years for use with certain restrictions.

The people suitable for the granting of land ownership were selected by the Land Reforms Commission. Those who are to receive Ran Bima deeds today include people from the South, Batticaloa, and Mannar areas.

This is the ninth stage of the granting of land deeds to the landless people. Sri Lanka President has promised to grant land ownership to landless people under his Mahinda Chinthana policy manifesto.

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