Sri Lanka Prime Minister calls a special discussion regarding arsenic issue

June 29, Colombo: Sri Lanka Prime Minister’s office has called for a special discussion on the arsenic issue, the debate among scientists and intellectuals.

The discussion is to be held on July 04 and the Prime Minister’s office is working to guarantee the participation of all the parties.

The government officials are also to participate in the discussion. However, the Ministry of Agriculture has denied locally produced rice contain arsenic.

Meanwhile, the group of scientists and nationalist activists led by Prof. Nalin de Silva, the Dean of Kelaniya University that discovered arsenic in water through super human methodology expressed doubts regarding the recent statement of the National Geological and Mines Bureau that gold deposits are found in Sri Lanka. A member of the research team said that gold deposits are usually found with arsenic.

Arsenic, a naturally occurring substance in earth, enters drinking water and irrigation water from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural and industrial practices.

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