Sri Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association vows to increase bus fare from July 01

June 03, Colombo: The Chairman of Sri Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association Gemunu Wijeratna says that the bus fare of the private buses will be increased definitely from July 01.

He said that the increase would be 15%. The minimum fare of Rs. 6 would also be increased to Rs. 8, he said.

The Chairman of the Private Bus Owners’ Association further said that they would oppose any attempt to minimize the amount of increase pointing to the hike of diesel price and the sharp increase of prices of tyres and other spare parts.

The Chairman also charged that the lack of a systematic passenger transport service in the country has prompted 20% of the passengers to opt to other transport means.

The next bus fare adjustment according to the agreement between the private bus owners and the National Transport Commission is due on July 01.

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