Sri Lanka raises retirement age of state employees to 57

May 10, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government, effective May 01, has raised the retirement age of the public sector employees to 57 years from the previous age of 55.

According to a government media report, the Treasury Secretary, Dr. P.B. Jayasundara has said the relevant circular has been released to the Secretaries of Ministries and Chairmen of State Institutions and with the release of the new circular, the previous circulars regarding the retirement age of the state sector employees has been invalidated.

The Treasury Secretary has said that only the employees in state institutions whose retirement age has been specifically determined through a parliamentary act can serve until 57 years of age without requesting for a service extension.

However, the public employees can retire voluntarily when they reach age 55 and can draw the benefits of the Employees Provident Fund and the Employees Trust Fund.

If a public sector employee wishes to serve until the age of 60 years, the Board of Administration of the relevant institution can grant the request after considering the requirements of the relevant institution and the employee performance.

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