Sri Lanka releases documentary to counter Channel 4 allegations

Aug 03, Colombo: Sri Lanka has released a documentary called “Lies Agreed Upon”, an investigative documentary into the final days of Sri Lanka’s war against the Tamil Tiger terrorists.

The professionally produced documentary is a response to counter the allegations of war crimes depicted in the Britain’s Channel 4 documentary called “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” broadcasted in June this year.

The video presents interviews from displaced civilians still in camps, the doctors who worked in makeshift hospitals in the rebel controlled areas, rehabilitated ex-combatants who surrendered to the military at the end of the war and government officials in the Northern Province refuting the allegations and atrocities shown in the Channel 4 video.

Sri Lanka on Monday also released a 161-page report aiming to provide the factual background and operational context of the war that ended the 30 years of Tamil Tiger terrorism by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May 2009.

The report Humanitarian Operation-Factual Analysis” which begins with a detailed analysis of the terrorist outfit, its growth and the atrocities it committed describes the resumption of hostilities in 2006 during the ceasefire period. The final part of the report is a brief overview of the consequences of the Humanitarian Operation that eliminated the organization in Sri Lanka and brought peace to the island nation.

Although Human Rights Watch has called the report is an attempt to “whitewash” the war crime charges other international rights groups have said it is a “step in the right direction” by the Sri Lankan government.

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