Sri Lanka Standardization Institute releases disputed cement stock

Sept 08, Colombo: Sri Lanka Standardization Institute has granted the Sri Lanka Standard (SLS) certificate to the stock of Lucky cement imported from Pakistan by the National Cooperative Trust (NCT).

Chairman of the SLSI Kanchana Ratwatte has said after testing thoroughly for its quality for nearly a month, the SLSI has decided to grant the SLS certificate to the stock of Lucky cement that has been held up at the port until now.

A stock of 100,000 cement bags of 50 kg was imported from Pakistan.

The manufacturer of the cement stock, Lucky Company in Pakistan, failed to obtain the Sri Lanka Standards certificate due to poor quality.

The SLSI has refused to issue SLS certificate to the company since June 20 although the Cooperatives and Internal Trade Ministry had made a request to issue the certificate to the cement stock and the National Cooperative Trust had shown that the cement stock meets the quality standards.

Cooperatives and Internal Trade Minister of Sri Lanka Johnston Fernando has said that his Ministry and the NCT will never provide substandard items to consumers.

The Minister accused some traders of trying to create an artificial cement shortage in the country and vowed to take action against unscrupulous traders.

The Minister has ordered the Consumer Affairs Authority to conducts raids to nab traders who hide stocks of cement to create shortage.

Sri Lanka is undergoing a severe shortage of cement and the problem has already affected the construction industry.

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