Sri Lanka Tamil party hopes to conclude talks with government on a political solution by the year end

Nov 19, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says that the party aims to conclude the dialogue with the government on finding a political solution to the ethnic issue by the end of the year.

TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran told ColomboPage that the government has not responded to the request by the party to finalize a solution and conclude the talks by the end of the year.

“However, the TNA will work towards that goal,” he said.

He added that the government and the TNA have already set dates for four rounds of talks during the first half of December.

The government and the TNA have decided to meet on December 5, 6, 14 and 15 for talks on areas where the Tamil party wants to see power devolved.

According to Sumanthiran, the government and the TNA has already identified 10 areas to base their discussions on and the discussions from now on would be based on those areas identified.

The unit of devolution, the powers of governors and provincial councils, police and land powers, and the establishment of a second chamber in the parliament are some of the areas identified to be discussed extensively in the upcoming meetings.

Sri Lanka has been under pressure from neighboring India and the international community to formulate a political framework for power devolution that would meet the aspirations of the Tamil community.

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