Sri Lanka tea meet to seek common standard

Common tea production standards and the effects of climate change on cultivation will also be discussed at the FAO inter-governmental group (IGG) on tea from January 30 to February 01, 2012, officials said.

An international tea convention will also be held during February 01-03 with both events expected to draw 200 foreign and 2-300 local delegates.

The IGG meeting will discuss ways of harmonising the different maximum residue limits (MRLs) in tea imposed by different countries, H D Hemaratne, director general of the Sri Lanka Tea Board told LBO.

“Some consumer countries have their own limits and we will aim to harmonise them through the IGG consultations.”

The talks will aim to form uniform MRL standards for producing countries which now face problems in exporting to different markets with different standards.

Gerry Jayawardena, chairman of the Tea Research Board, said decisions taken at the FAO/IGG meeting would be legally binding on member countries.

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