Sri Lanka to implement extensive measures to reduce domestic violence

June 03, Geneva: Sri Lanka has enacted the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and has taken steps to improve its implementation, Sri Lanka’s envoy Sugeeshwara Gunaratna told the Human Rights Council in Geneva Friday.

Legal reforms to strengthen the substantive procedure in the laws of Sri Lanka have been undertaken and resulted in the enactment of progressive legislation, Gunaratna informed the Council.

Awareness and training programs for vulnerable groups as well as for law enforcement officials, medical, judicial and social workers have been undertaken, he added.

The envoy further explained that the five-year National Action Plan for the protection and promotion of human rights has now been submitted to the Sri Lankan Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.

The Plan contains number of measures to be undertaken to reduce the incidents involving violence against women, including the review of existing legislation to identify gaps as well as to introduce new legislation and ensure effective implementation of the legislation.

The Act also plans to further strengthen the women and children’s desks at the police stations and combat sexual harassment of women in the work place through establishment of cells with powers to deal with grievances.

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