Sri Lanka to implement new laws on food packaging from July

Apr 05, Colombo: Sri Lanka Ministry of Health is to introduce new laws regarding the packaging of food items. The government will implement the 2006 food act that was amended in 2010.

Accordingly, from July 01, the food producers are advised to use standard safe packaging.

New laws will ban manufacture, transport, or sale of any food packaging material or article found to be harmful to consumers and reuse of packaging material used for other purposes.

Food items should be packed in safer ways so that the contamination can be prevented.

Minister of Health and Nutrition Maithripala Sirisena says the new laws were introduced since instances of wrong methods of packaging were identified as the cause for food contamination.

Since there is no quality control on wrapping, packaging, or storage of food in Sri Lanka, unsafe materials present in packing materials may cause food contamination and harmful effects to people.

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