Sri Lanka to increase coconut production

Nov 19, Colombo: In a move to increase the coconut production in the country, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority is planning to plant 700,000 coconut saplings in the Mahaweli Zones.

The measure would increase the coconut production by 12%, the government says.

According to the government, the Ministry of Coconut Development has made a 6-year plan to increase coconut production in the country to produce an annual yield of 3.65 billion nuts.

The Ministry has already started several nurseries in the Mahaweli Zone areas to supply sapling to the new growers. These saplings will be distributed free of charge.

Currently, the coconut growing areas in the country amount to nearly 400,000 hectares, producing an annual yield of 2.728 million nuts.

The per capita consumption of coconut per year amounts to 116 nuts and the local demand is 2.0 billion nuts per year.

Sri Lanka earns a considerable amount of foreign exchange through export of coconuts, shells and other coconut products.

The coconut production contributes to 1.1 percent of the country’s GDP and it is the source of income for 5 percent of population.

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