* Sri Lanka to introduce cultivation of mid-season supplementary food crops

Aug 23, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government has decided to introduce the cultivation of mid-season supplementary food crops after the Yala paddy harvest.

The Agriculture Ministry is to initiate the mid-season supplementary food crop cultivation from this year between the two main harvesting Yala and Maha seasons for paddy in the year.

Agriculture Ministry Secretary W. A. Karunatilake has told the media that most of the paddy lands remain uncultivated during the period between the two seasons.

He has said there were a few months between the two paddy harvesting seasons and the Ministry was looking at introducing the cultivation of green gram during the period in-between.

He has added that the initial plan is to cultivate green gram as a mid-season crop in 10,000 hectares of paddy land.

According to Karunatilake, the seeds are to be sown in paddy fields soon after the harvesting of the Yala season.

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