Sri Lanka to open its largest telecommunication tower in former rebel-held area

Mar 23, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government plans to declare open the multipurpose transmission tower constructed in Kokawil of Mullaitivu District in Northern Province before April 10, state-run radio Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) reported.

Kokavil was a center of radio transmission for a long time but the area was under the control of Tamil Tiger rebels for many years before the area was liberated by the Sri Lankan Army last year.

The LTTE rebels captured the original tower and used to broadcast their clandestine transmissions before blowing it up when Sri Lankan troops closed in 2009.

Secretary to the Ministry of Media and Information W.B. Ganegala says that plans have been made for President Mahinda Rajapaksa to preside over the opening ceremony.

Kokavil tower, the largest and the highest transmission tower in Sri Lanka is 175 meters in height. Around 350 million rupees have been spent for the construction of the tower.

The tower which is Sri Lanka’s first ever multi-channel broadcasting tower, will be allocated for the providers of services of high speed internet, radio, television, and telephone.

Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission expects to provide space for state and private media and telecommunication channels transmission space through this tower.

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