Sri Lanka to probe US fighter jest intrusion into country’s air space

Aug 08, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government is considering to launch a special investigation into the violation of the country’s airspace by U.S. fighter jets, a foreign media report said.

Quoting an unnamed government official, Xinhua news agency said the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) had identified the U.S. aircraft after they were picked up on the radar screens recently.

Sri Lankan local media reports said Sunday that at least 10 U.S. fighter jets had intruded into Sri Lanka’s airspace but the intrusion was not believed to have been intentional.

The SLAF spokesman Andrew Wijesuriya has said that the US aircraft were on a training mission and they were in violation of the country’s air space.

“The U.S. aircraft were told they were in violation of our airspace and subsequently they changed direction and moved out,” the official has said.

Reportedly, the External Affairs Ministry is to take the matter up with the US embassy in Colombo.

However, a US Embassy official has denied that there was any intrusion by US fighter jets into Lankan air space, the local Daily Mirror reported.

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