Sri Lanka to remove security forces from civil administration

Dec 17, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government says the government surety forces will continue to be deployed throughout the island including the Northern and Eastern Provinces to provide security but they will be removed from all aspects of community life.

Sri Lanka’s Leader of the House and Minister of Irrigation Water Resources Management made this statement yesterday during his presentation of the report of the Lessons Learnt and reconciliation Commission (LLRC) to the House.

The Minister said now that the normalcy has returned to the country two years after the government’s war with Tamil Tiger terrorists ended “it will be the deliberate policy of the government to ensure the withdrawal of Security Forces from all aspects of community life,” and confine their role exclusively to security related matters.

“Security Forces will disengage themselves from civil administration related activities and, in particular, from participation in any decision making in respect of land issues,” the Minister said.

He added that over 600 Tamil speaking police officers have been recruited already to deal with the civil administration issues in the majority Tamil provinces.

The government will strengthen the police force with Tamil language capability to strengthen the police to deal with law and order functions.

Units of the Attorney-Generals Department will be set up in the Provinces to provide guidance to the police, de Silva revealed.

The Minister also emphasized the government’s resolution to end the possession of illegal fire arms by individuals in the country.

“No one is more concerned than we are, as a government, with this phenomenon, because of its potential to stultify our central objectives,” he said.

The government has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal fire arms and raids will be conducted to apprehend the violators, the Minister asserted.

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