Sri Lanka trade unions complain to ILO of violation of workers’ rights by the government

June 13, Colombo: Several trade unions in Sri Lanka have complained to the United Nations labor organization seeking an intervention against the restrictions imposed by the government on trade union activities.

Trade unions from the apparel and health sectors in a complaint to the International Labour Organization (ILO) have said that the fundamental rights of the workers have been violated by the government by suppressing their right to protest and by regularly intimidating trade union activities.

The trade unions have emphasized that such actions were a violation of the principles of the ILO conventions, BBC Sandeshaya reported.

“These violations deal with restricting the right to engage in legitimate trade union action, intimidation of trade union activists and acts of anti-union discriminations in the public health sector,” the letter to the ILO Director General has said.

Thushara Ilangakoon of Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA), Anotn Marcus of Trade Union Confederation (TUC), and Saman Ratnapriya of Government Nursing Officers Association have reportedly urged the ILO in their complaint to direct the Sri Lanka government to “stop all acts of anti-union discriminations.”

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