Sri Lanka trade unions to hold massive walk out in protest of the pension scheme

May 19, Colombo: Trade unions in Sri Lanka are to organize a massive walk out and protest against the proposed private sector pension scheme on Tuesday (24).

The walk out and protest are to coincide with the presentation of the proposed pension bill in the parliament.

The Joint Trade Union Alliance (JTUA) that has organized this protest campaign has said that a demonstration and a mass rally will be held in Colombo on the 24th.

According to the JTUA, a large number of private sector employees are to stage a walk from work and they are to be supported by the public sector employees as well.

Trade unions affiliated to the National Labor Advisory Council (NLAC) have also been asked to join the joint trade union action against the proposed pension scheme.

Private sector employees and trade unions oppose the proposed pension scheme to the private sector claiming it was not beneficial to the workers and have called for the implementation of a proper pension scheme that would benefit the employees.

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